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Tackling Common Environmental Concerns

A few years ago, I realized that there were some serious problems with the way that my family handled trash. We threw away most things without a second thought, and it was obvious that our children had no concept of pollution or how our actions could affect the environment. To make things better, my wife and I decided that it would be smart to start talking to our kids about energy and environmental concerns. We worked hard to develop a system at home that addressed these issues. Our blog is all about tackling common environmental issues, such as littering and preventing excess waste.


Why Have a Vibration Site Evaluation Before You Buy Sensitive Machinery?

If you need to buy a new piece of equipment that is sensitive to environmental vibrations and noise, then you should consider running a vibration site evaluation before you buy the machine. Why?

Check If Your Location Meets Manufacturer Specifications

Sensitive machinery sometimes comes with set vibration or noise specifications. These specifications give a range of levels in which the machine will work to optimum capacity.

If your facility doesn't meet these specifications, then the machine won't necessarily work correctly. Your environmental vibrations or noise levels might damage it.

For example, excessive vibrations can alter the fine-tuned calibration of an analytical device; they can prevent it from working correctly or taking the right measurements. In some cases, excessive vibrations can damage sensitive parts and make the device break down.

You can't tell which part of your facility is a good fit. You can't measure vibrations and ambient noise by ear. You need a more precise way to measure the environmental conditions in your preferred location.

A vibration consultant can do this for you. They can look at the manufacturer's specifications, measure your preferred location, and compare the two sets of figures. You will find out if you can put the machine in your chosen location or not.

Find an Alternative Location for Sensitive Machinery

During the evaluation process, your consultant might find that your chosen location isn't a good fit for the machine. They can then measure other places in your facility to create a set of baseline data.

This data tells you how much vibration and/or noise you have in different parts of the building. You can then assess if you have suitable alternative locations for the machine.

Get Advice on Remediation Measures

In some cases, your consultant might not find anywhere suitable in your facility for your new machine. Or, you might not want to site it in suitable areas. You might need the machine to be close to existing infrastructure or production areas. Putting it elsewhere doesn't make logistical sense.

Here, your consultant can suggest remediation measures. They can advise you on what to do to create the right conditions in your chosen space.

For example, you might be able to use insulation materials in a room to reduce incoming vibrations. Or, you might be able to move other pieces of heavy machinery to different locations so that they don't affect your new machine. Once your remediation measures are in place, your consultant can evaluate the space again to ensure that its levels are now suitable for the machine.

To find out more, contact a vibration control consultant and ask about their evaluation services.