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Tackling Common Environmental Concerns

A few years ago, I realized that there were some serious problems with the way that my family handled trash. We threw away most things without a second thought, and it was obvious that our children had no concept of pollution or how our actions could affect the environment. To make things better, my wife and I decided that it would be smart to start talking to our kids about energy and environmental concerns. We worked hard to develop a system at home that addressed these issues. Our blog is all about tackling common environmental issues, such as littering and preventing excess waste.


3 Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

If you have a crawl space under your home, you should think about encapsulating it. Here, you line the space's floors, walls, and sometimes ceiling with a strong sheeting material. You can also add extra access points to improve ventilation in the space if you need to.

What are the advantages of crawl space encapsulation?

1. Prevent Structural Damage

Your crawl space keeps your home away from direct contact with the ground. However, this space can create some structural problems.

For example, if the space allows moisture to come into contact with the underside of your home, you could have problems with mold, rot, or dampness on wood supports and floors. You might have to repair or replace damaged areas.

Plus, crawl spaces can become home to pests such as termites. If a space creates a humid environment, then termites will be attracted to it. They can cause serious damage to the structure of your home.

If you encapsulate your crawl space, then you prevent these problems. Your barrier sheets will create an airtight seal and keep the space dry. You reduce the chances of structural damage and make the space less accessible and attractive to harmful pests.

2. Improve Your Home's Air Quality

If your crawlspace allows dampness and mold to spread into your home, then these substances might start to affect the quality of your air. As well as causing possible structural damage, dampness and mold can make the air you breathe less healthy.

This can be a serious problem for anyone in your home who has allergies or respiratory problems. Damp and mold spores can trigger allergies and make life difficult for people with respiratory weaknesses or conditions.

Once your crawlspace is encapsulated, the air quality in your home should improve. If you prevent dampness and substances like mold from spreading into your home, then your air is clean and healthy. This is better for all your family, not just those who have allergies or respiratory problems.

3. Reduce Your Energy Costs

Your crawlspace could currently be making your energy bills more expensive than they need to be. If this space allows air to come in and out of your home, then you'll be wasting some energy. You pay for this wastage.

Once you've encapsulated your crawlspace, you make the space airtight and insulated. You'll find it easier to regulate the temperature inside your home, and end up wasting less energy and money.

To find out more about this process and its benefits, contact crawl space encapsulation contractors.